The Trump Circus

Anand Kamalakar
4 min readOct 7, 2019


When Donald Trump became president, the greatest fear I had for America was that he would be “normalized”. Wishful thinking was that he would change under the weight of the office.

His behavior from the start as president, has remained as unpredictable and bizarre as his campaign. It has been far from “presidential” and far from “normal” in any sense of the word. Yet some around him have chosen to support, applaud and defend him with unflinching dedication.

The circus that has become a daily occurrence, has only caused chaos and dysfunction and has now probably come to a point of no return.

But the normalization continues unabated as his fellow party faithful continue to defend him with a kind of tenacity never seen before. Even world leaders like the prime minister of the world’s largest democracy India, showered accolades on a xenophobic and openly racist leader in a stadium full of brown immigrants this month.

But what ignited a media storm and pushed congress to act, was a phone call that he made to the Ukrainian president in which was revealed his mafioso bent of mind and behavior. Probably for many around him, who have grown accustomed to his style, it was nothing out of the ordinary.

But for someone in the White House it was a reprehensible abuse of power. And so a whistle-blower exercised his/her right granted by United States federal law and the president was outed in a manner he could not walk himself back from.

Up until now the president has been able to dodge all allegations levied upon him. Mostly with the absolute certainty that his base and the Republican party was steadfastly behind him come what may. Calling every investigation a “witch-hunt”, he has been walking away unscathed while his close confidants have been sentenced to jail or have had to resign from their positions.

This has dissuaded many on the opposite side of the aisle to unite and pursue an impeachment proceeding. Partly with a deep seeded fear of it backfiring in the coming critical election.

The last time a president was impeached it did not go well for the opposing party. Many Democrats who now lead the call for impeachment, stood on the floor of the house and made impassioned speeches railing against Republicans accusing them of orchestrating a coup d’é·tat to oust Bill Clinton.

President Bill Clinton was impeached for committing perjury. For looking into a camera and saying he did not have sex with a young women in the Oval Office. Donald Trump called a foreign leader asking for assistance in the upcoming election in exchange for military aid, which was already approved by congress.

As the grand circus of all circuses rolls out, the battle lines are drawn.

The Democrats see no other choice but to impeach the president, framing themselves as the enforcers and upholders of the constitution.

The Republicans though very cognizant of what has transpired, continue to support a morally bankrupt president by going on talk shows and trying their best to deflect, deny, distract and bend the facts in the service of their over lord.

An unhinged president grows even more volatile taking to his mouthpiece of choice Twitter, to unleash a barrage of falsehoods and outrageous allegations, all to sow doubt.

Meanwhile the whistle blower becomes the target of the ire of all those who support the president in his inexcusable behavior. Threats are issued and the Fox News fixers try to spin the whole thing as a charade, yet another witch-hunt spawned by the “deep state”.

The president called the whistle blower a spy and demanded to know his identity. He then went on to say “You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart with spies and treason, right? We used to handle it a little differently than we do now.” Insinuating the the whistle blower is a traitor to his country and therefore should be executed or jailed.

As this circus moves along, there are a few things that are bound to happen. As the walls close in, Donald Trump’s rash and boorish behavior is bound get even more extreme. He will call all news outlets other than those supporting him “fake news” or “corrupt news”. The Democrats will not relent. And as they keep issuing subpoenas, the administration will keep stonewalling and election season will roll around in full swing.

The impeachment trial takes place in the United States senate with the supreme court chief justice presiding. It takes 67 votes in the Senate to dismiss the president. Republicans hold majority in the Senate. In the present ultra-polarized political climate they will not have one of their own removed — “Come hell or High Water.



Anand Kamalakar

Anand Kamalakar is a Brooklyn based documentary film director, producer and editor. His latest film is Colonel Kalsi (